special orders


Our manufacturing is located in Rakvere. Rakvere is a small town located 100 km from Tallinn. Our company uses machines by Brother and higher productivity Universal type of machines. Elotroi OÜ employs 18 people, and has the production volume 2000-3000 sweaters per month.

Knitwear is made mainly according to our original designes and available only under ELOTROI brand. We are also prepared to manufacture acording to the customer's drafts and custom orders for any of the similar knitwear.

We are prepared to manufacture products according to custom requests. We can add company logos, or custom ornaments to our sweaters, scarfs, vests and hats. We are happy for both large and small customers over. Our joy is to prepare You a suitable garment.

ELOTROI products can be seen in our Tallinn company store, Viru Street, 3.