Stand out from other companies and order practical and warm business gifts!

Or instead, awesome work clothes for all employees of your company.

Companies can order knitwear with the company logo on scarves, hats and sweaters.

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We offer three most common solutions for special orders from companies:

Weaving the company name into the product.

Weaving the pattern into the product.

Sewing a company logo on our product of selected colour.

Sewing a company logo on our product of selected colour.

Our knitwear is:




made in

The products of Elotroi are unique and made in Estonia with love by our knitters.

When ordering knitwear, please consider that:

  • the minimum quantity for special orders is 50 items
  • it takes 2-4 weeks to order and receive the yarn
  • coming up with a suitable design together with the client (creating a knitting program according to the agreement between the designer and the client) takes 2-4 weeks
  • knitting, cutting and sewing can take 1-2 months

In other words, developing a new model with a customer, creating a pattern, ordering yarn and making the product takes about 3 months. Everything depends on the quantity, complexity and pre-production workload.