Taking Care of Wool Garments

Taking Care of Wool Garments

People tend to think that taking care of wool garments is complicated and requires special effort. Actually, wool has many advantages instead. One of them is the waxy coating on natural wool fibre that keeps most of the dirt and dust away. It is formed by fatty acids that simply block the dirt from being absorbed as easily as in case of other fabrics.

The best way to freshen wool garments is to hang them out to air, preferably outside. You should wash wool garments as little as possible, only if there are visible stains.

The main risk of washing wool clothing is that the wool fibres shrink. In fact, it happens to all natural materials, but not as considerably. Therefore it is crucial to follow the care guides on the garment.

Shrinkage is mainly caused by too hot water and centrifugation, which should be avoided when washing woollen fabrics.

Care Guide for our products:

  • Always use a detergent appropriate for wool and silk, not a regular detergent.
  • Wash wool by hand or in a washing machine on a delicate hand-wash cycle or wool cycle.
  • Wash in 30°C water.
  • In a hand wash, work it gently, avoid rubbing the fabric together.
  • Do not wring out wool fabric, but gently press out excess water.
  • Make sure the spin cycle does not exceed 500.
  • If your garment has lost shape in the wash, you can pull it into shape while it is still wet.
  • To avoid stretching after a wash, dry your garment laying them out on a flat surface, never hang them to dry.
  • Wool fabrics need to be steamed, not ironed. Ironing presses wool fibres together and the fabric may lose its good properties.
  • Follow the care guide on the label that comes with the garment.