Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy


In addition to these terms and conditions, the legal relationships arising from making purchases at the e-shop www.elotroi.ee are regulated by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.


The sales contract between Elotroi OÜ and a client shall take effect upon receipt of the amount payable according to the order confirmation to the bank account of Elotroi OÜ. No products can be booked before the entry into force of the sales contract.


Prices of the products on sale at Elotroi OÜ are set out in the product sheets. The prices of all products are given in euros.


Elotroi OÜ makes every effort to ensure that the stock indicated in the e-shop corresponds to the actual status, however, a situation may arise where it is not the case. If you have ordered an item that has actually run out, we will refund the missing item and notify you by e-mail as soon as possible.


The products purchased from Elotroi OÜ can be returned within 14 days after the receipt of the product. The product must be shipped via the parcel lockers provided by Itella SmartPost or Omniva to the address of Elotroi OÜ within 14 days after the receipt of the product. We will refund you for the returned items within 14 working days from the arrival of the returned items to Elotroi OÜ.

Required condition of a returned item:

* The item to be returned must be undamaged.

* The item to be returned must be unused.

* The item to be returned must have the original price tags in place.

Elotroi OÜ shall not be liable for any defects that have occurred after the delivery of the goods to the purchaser.


Should the purchaser have complaints about Elotroi OÜ, such complaints must be emailed to info@elotroi.ee.

According to the Consumer Protection Act, Elotroi OÜ is obliged to respond in writing within 15 days.

Please find the Consumer Protection Act HERE.

Should a purchaser and Elotroi OÜ be unable to resolve the dispute by an agreement, the purchaser has the option to turn to the Consumer Disputes Committee. Terms and conditions of the proceedings are available and the relevant petition can be filed here. The Consumer Disputes Committee is competent to resolve the disputes arising from the contract between a purchaser and Elotroi OÜ. The review of a purchaser’s complaint by the Committee is free of charge.

A purchaser may also turn to the European Union consumer disputes resolution platform.


Elotroi OÜ shall be liable to you and you shall be liable to Elotroi OÜ for damages caused to the other party by breach of this contract in the cases and to the extent provided by legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

Elotroi OÜ is not liable for damages caused to you or for the delay in the delivery of the product if the damage or the delay in the delivery of the product is due to the circumstances beyond Elotroi OÜ’s control and which were not or could not have been anticipated by Elotroi OÜ (force majeure).

Elotroi OÜ is not liable for the loss of or damage to the product that has occurred after the product was handed over to the carrier.

Elotroi OÜ is liable to you to the extent of the sale price of the product. Elotroi OÜ does not take responsibility for damages caused by defective products, such as damage to property or information, loss of turnover or profit.


By using the Elotroi OÜ e-shop and remaining on the website, you give a clear and informed consent to Elotroi OÜ for the processing of your personal data and the use of cookies necessary for the best online experience under the conditions provided in this contract.

The personal data that has come to the knowledge of Elotroi OÜ is entered in the customer register and is used for the provision of sales services and offering products. Elotroi OÜ will send newsletters and offers to the purchaser’s email address only if the purchaser has signed up for those by entering his/her email address on the website www.elotroi.ee and has notified of his/her wish to receive direct mail notifications.

A purchaser can, at any time, unsubscribe from the offers and newsletters sent to their email address by emailing a relevant request or by following the instructions in the email containing offers. A customer also has the right to request information at any time about the data we collect – we are always here to help and advise you.

Your personal data, which is necessary for the delivery of goods, will be disclosed to the company providing the courier service only to the extent strictly necessary. The protection of personal data is guaranteed by all security measures required by law. Elotroi OÜ undertakes not to disclose registered personal data to unauthorized persons or to use personal data in contravention of law or this contract.

You can be sure that our shopping environment is secure – the Elotroi OÜ e-shop uses a secure payment system that does not allow dealing with card fraud.


With respect to developments of the e-shop and to improve the use and security of the e-shop, Elotroi OÜ may amend these terms and conditions as well as the price list.

Changes and updates to the terms and conditions and the price list shall take effect upon publication of the respective changes on the website www.elotroi.ee. If you placed your order before the changes to the terms and conditions took effect, the terms and conditions in effect at the time of placing the order shall apply to the legal relationship between Elotroi OÜ and you, unless otherwise provided by law or the terms and conditions of this contract.

Elotroi OÜ has the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of campaigns and games, and cancel them without prior notice. Elotroi OÜ also has the right to unilaterally change any conditions of the campaign or cancel the changes that are currently effective, without prior notice.